How to choose the right essential oil diffuser for your bedroom

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to effectively gain the therapeutic and medicinal properties of essential oils. They are also highly suitable for general aromatherapy purposes and works efficiently well to evenly spread the essential oil aroma irrespective of the room size or covered area.


Most of us prefer to keep an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom mainly because it creates an aura of calm, peace and passion and secondly the warm, scented atmosphere allows you to unwind and relax in the most natural way. However, with a variety of essential oil diffusers available in the market, it might be difficult to choose the best essential oil diffuser for bedroom, but a little knowledge about the features and various attributes can help you greatly in making the right decision.

Some of the must have features of an essential oil diffuser for a bedroom is:

1. Running Time:

A bedroom diffuser must have a running time of at least 6-8 hours so that if you want to leave it on for the whole night, you don’t have to get up for the refill again.

2. Cold Air Diffuser:

Cold air ultrasonic diffusers are the most preferable for bedrooms as well as other uses because they retain the composition of essential oils and provide maximum healing power.

3. Night Light:

Night light is another important aspect of essential oil diffusers and it eliminates the need of having a separate night lamp in the bedroom. Look for a diffuser that has control options for night light so that you can adjust the color and intensity according to your choice.

4. Essential Oil Quantity:

Essential oils are expensive and most advanced essential oil diffusers only require a few drops of essential oils to work for the whole night. Choose an economical option.

5. Calm and quiet:

Another important features to notice is the calmness and quiet action of the diffuser. A diffuser that works quietly without making a lot of noise would be the best to provide you the level of comfort and ease that you need to have while in your bedroom.

Essential oil diffusers help you acquire the health benefits of various essential oils and using an essential oil during your sleep is the most efficient way to let your body absorb and respond to those benefits. And you should choose a good diffuser that brings calmness and comfort to soothe and regenerate while you are asleep.